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Employee Requested Transfer

The Employee Request for Transfer (ERT) process is designed to create a one-stop process for employees to choose alternative hourly careers within The Boeing Company, and to obtain the training and education to become eligible candidates to fill hourly openings as they become available. The process applies only to `Cat C' jobs (the lowest graded job in each job family) that are part of the collective bargaining agreement in IAM Districts 751 (Puget Sound) and W24 (Portland).

Employees can meet with Career Advisors to ensure they have a clear understanding of the process and access to needed resources. They will work with employees to document that the requirements have been met or help build a training plan to gain the necessary skills.

The Career Guides were written and validated by Union members on staff with IAM/Boeing Joint Programs, using Subject Matter Experts (hourly employees and line managers in each of the jobs) to capture up-to-date information. Each guide provides a job summary, typical tasks, duties and responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities, physical demands and potential hazards, and appropriate training. The training courses link directly to enrollment in off-hour classes.

Employees MUST see a Career Advisor to file an ERT. There are a lot of factors involved in changing a job. Meet with a Career Advisor to help you navigate through the hourly ERT process, create a successful strategy for your career path and file your ERT.

Make an appointment with a Career Advisor by calling 1-800-235-3453
or (JointProgramsWebsite@exchange.boeing.com).