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Partnering Commitment

People First
Embrace and promote safety, diversity, teamwork, personal growth and development.

Recognize the value working together. Respectfully build on our differences, with shared responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Fulfill our commitments with honesty, integrity and dignity. Know that our actions are foundational to creating trust with our colleagues, customers and investors.

Engage in a dialog with a positive intent that fosters a "partnership mindset". Listen openly, seek shared understanding, and address concerns truthfully and compassionately.

Address concerns in a professional manner. Recognize the best in ourselves and others. Remain considerate, caring and supportive.

Participate and be present. If unable to participate, we will seek the understanding of the outcome. Make decisions and resolve issues by offering meaningful and positive solutions.

Own the outcome. Take personal and collective responsibility for delivering great results. Be individually and collectively accountable to behaviors, actions and outcomes.