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Q: What is IAM/Boeing Joint Programs?
A: IAM/Boeing Joint Programs originally came to be due to health concerns from a site in the Puget Sound and the company and IAM collaborated on how to address it. In present day, IAM/Boeing Joint Programs continues being an advocate for safety in our work place but offers many more services for our members. Including Education Assistance, Career Planning & Advising, Training Development & Delivery, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Apprenticeship Program and Continuous Productivity Improvement.

Q: I do not have any safety concerns, what can IAM/Boeing Joint Programs do for me?
A: IAM/Boeing Joint Programs offers a wide variety of benefits to our members and safety is a major benefit of what we offer. We also offer Career Advisors who can assist with Education Assistance (up to $3,000 per year) and, Career Planning (ERT, Peer Training & Career Guides), multiple courses to pursue the career you always wanted and many more services all for you!

Q: What is the Health & Safety Institute?
A: The Health & Safety Institute was established in 1989 that focused on member work place safety for our members. In 1996, IAM/Boeing Joint Programs was formed to oversee the Quality Through Training Program and the Health & Safety Institute. It is our name for our overall Safety Commitment to our members.

Q: What is QTTP?
A: The Quality Through Training Program provides professional career advisors to assist active and laid off IAM-represented employees with building career plans and/or personal educational plans. In addition, these advisors assist employees with implementation of those plans through assistance with required training and filing of ERTs for positions inside Boeing, and providing resume help and guidance.

Q: What are Site Committees?
A: Our mission is: “To ensure continuous improvement of workplace Health and Safety for IAM bargaining unit employees of the Boeing Company, and to create an environment characterized by open communication and mutual trust between workers and management on issues of Health and Safety.” We achieve this through monthly meetings and Safety Tour, help with SHEAR resolution, as well employee’s health and safety concerns.

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