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Health & Safety

IAM/Boeing Joint Programs Health & Safety

Originating in 1989 with the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM) and The Boeing Company Collective Bargaining Agreement for Districts 751 (Puget Sound) and W24 (Portland), the IAM/Boeing Joint Programs Health and Safety Institute established the following mission statement:

"To ensure continuous improvement of workplace health and safety for the IAM bargaining unit of employees of The Boeing Company and to create an environment characterized by open communication and mutual trust between workers and management on issues of health and safety."

Over two decades later, IAM/Boeing Joint Programs Health and Safety programs facilitate partnering between the two parties to solve problems, achieve goals, and, most of all, keep employees safe and productive. Our efforts go beyond awareness; they enable and encourage employees to take action while on the job -- and at home -- to promote long and productive lives for themselves and their families. Whether the National Governing Board, the Administrative Staff, or a Site Committee, it's the same story: union and company working together for a healthier and safer workplace.