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About Us

Welcome to IAM/Boeing Joint Programs

IAM/Boeing Joint Programs has been the model for Union/Company partnerships for over two decades.  Our leadership, our staff, and our services all reflect a balanced relationship between the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Union and The Boeing Company.  “Working together” aren’t just words to us.  

Day in and day out, everything we do, we do from a ‘partnership’ point of view.   Together, we are dedicated to improving the health, safety, and educational opportunities for IAM-represented employees in Washington, Oregon, and Kansas. 

The products and services we provide are unequaled in the industry.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio including, but not limited to, professional career advising, Education Assistance tuition reimbursement, Employee Requested Transfer (ERT) and Career Guides, Continuous Productivity Improvement training (L.O.U.28), Site Committees focused on safety, Safety Leadership Training, and Vocational Rehabilitation services.  Each has its own distinctive character, but all have the excellence that identifies them as IAM/Boeing Joint Programs products and services.  

We strive to provide superior customer satisfaction – even when our customers are some of the most discerning Boeing employees and leaders.  Whether you seek training for career enhancement, a safer workplace, or understanding of how The Boeing Company does business, you’ll find all this and more at the heart of IAM/Boeing Joint Programs. 

We are proud to be an industry leader in the design, development, and implementation of innovative and creative solutions to improve health and safety, employee development, and quality and productivity in the workplace.